Razeen Cheng
Stay hungry, Stay foolish.

@Razeen Or @RazeenCheng。

Currently residing in Shanghai, working for a security industry company.

About this site

This site uses hexo + CI/CD for automatic deployment, employs Aliyun OSS storage to accelerate images, and utilizes Cloudfare CDN and DNS services.

Website history

Started blogging in 2016 and have tried out many blogging platforms since then.

  • Used Wordpress earliest

    • Pros: Easy to operate, many skins, and a good number of plugins.
    • Cons: I don’t like PHP+MySSL, and it always throws out some strange problems, so I abandoned it.
  • Next is Hexo:

    • Pros: Quick deployment, zero maintenance cost, active community.
    • Cons: No user-friendly backend, more steps to writing articles.
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  • I also tried using Ghost

  • Next is EIBlog.
    EIBlog is a blog platform developed by a friend using Go, and it is the one I have been using for the longest time.

    • Pros: Extremely fast, simple, has an independent backend, and easy to write on.
    • Cons: Customizing pages can be complex.
  • At the beginning of 2021, I switched to using Hexo + Next for my blog.

    • Relevant blog post: I migrated my blog again
  • The theme has been changed to Fluid for the year 2022.

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